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Dear Guests,

I battle Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic illness, with serious complications because it went undiagnosed for way too long. Currently I'm running a fundraising campaign in hopes of reaching it's financial goal, which is what I will need to help me obtain more clarity regarding the prognosis of my deteriorating condition. If I can raise my goal I will have the means to obtain the best medical care plan so I can improve my quality of life, length of life, and safety. This will either to help me get better (if it's possible) or so I can at least follow through with final wishes and say/do things I want to do/say before I may not be able to. If you'd like to help me with my quest please visit my Go Fund Me campaign Rosie's Quest. All those who pledge will be able to receive free special edition EP music and Ebooks as gratuity gifts - as well as future releases should they come about.

At this time my album dream and plan was put on hold due to getting a lot sicker in October, when I had a series of very bad flare ups and was in the hospital a week. This caused my health to worsen a lot and I've been weaker since. I am hoping to return to youtube in the near future. I have been quietly working on and planning to release Rise Above The Bully special edition EP, a 6 song special edition EP album (with my two Ebooks added if requested) with a designed cover. I will be releasing this early summer, after the two upcoming singles are professionally mixed and mastered. All those who donate can receive this as a gift.

More information about my needs and my story can be read on my Go Fund Me campaign.

**Notes: For important info on EDS, validation of my own information (diagnostic reports), and receipts, please see Accountability page. 

If you have already donated and are interested in receiving gifts, and/or have any questions about them, please email us at: bionicbutterfly88@gmail.com

**If you are unable to donate on Go Fund Me due to payment method: 

If you are unable to donate on Go Fund Me because the payment methods do not work for you, there are other ways. I have a paypal account at girloutside.au@gmail.com, or you can wire your donation through Western Union. Anyone can wire any amount of cash through Western Union, though there is a small fee. Please contact bionicbutterfly88@gmail.com if you would like to donate but are unable to through the Go Fund Me, and wish to use Western Union.




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