A pop music artist and artivist on a mission

Her tunes are original, catchy and meaningful.

Bionic Butterfly is an indie pop music artist on a mission. Her tunes are original, catchy and meaningful. All around, she has a style that is all her own, inspired by personal trials, and in the name of reaching dreams with depth, purpose, creativity and beauty. This butterfly really does strive to "Rise Above", like her first single "Rise Above The Bully." The powerful messages in her lyrics are relatable to many... Rosie Guedes aka. Bionic Butterfly is also a passionate activist and self advocate on a mission to do her part for positive change. Join her. Check it out. You probably won't regret it.

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Music Reviews


"Bionic Butterfly Music...You can hear samples of it on Youtube. I love the rhythm and beat; it's got a few catchy lines, there's meaning in the lyrics....it's not just pointless words put together! It actually means something; something you can relate to..."

-TanyaLynn Dawson
"Rosie aka. Bionic Butterfly is one of a kind, rare as the complex chronic illness she's struggled with and strives to rise above. Often struggling to stand up, she stands out. In the sea that is YouTube she connects on a deep level with her diverse audience. She's an invaluable asset in whatever realm you may find her. She may have issues with her connective tissues but she is a mover and a shaker and I believe her ultimate strength is CONNECTION. Whatever you're investing in Rosie whether it be time, money, love or attention, know that she takes that and makes diamonds, it's what connectors do, especially those who've struggled as she has. She feels and loves deeply you can feel it in her music, that was what struck me, aside from her great voice, she's able to make songs and lyrics that are catchy but also touching. I was smitten by "Angela".. and "Self medication", "Womanchild" and "Rise Above The Bully" all are evidence in my case that this woman is a star! "
-Remi D.
"I really like the Angela demo; the way that song is structured and how you sing it is just absolutely spine chilling, raw emotion, and speaks of unspoken things nobody else but you could know about. You've definitely conveyed a wounded yet surviving spirit with those words Rose. Not too many people can make emotion register like that in music today. It's personal and it's real. I'll even buy a copy of that song when you release it. The demo version is tight as it is so I see no need to redo the song unless you're going to add some more instruments to it which would be cool too."
- Josiah Smith
"Rose's aka. "Bionic Butterfly's" music draws on many genres for its beauty, from modern pop to 80s new wave to hard rock, all with an urban flair. What is required to make it soar and sing is just what will be done, every time, chronically chronicling struggles far too little sung about so far.."  
- Tanja Guven aka. Mary Freebed
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